Tango with Django

Jaysinh shukla (~jaysinh)





To teach Django framework by implementing a demo project.


A tool which helps the members to write, manage and publish their Blog.


Django is a battery included framework. The framework has saved developers from many falls. It is experienced that development time of Django project is less than any other web framework. Despite having such advantages I have noticed it has a hard learning curve. Django documentation has a nice tutorial section but it is impossible to not lost while implementing it. During this workshop, I will try to introduce Django framework by hacking with blog project. Hands on development will help a newcomer to get an overview of the framework. Below is workshop outline.


  • Introduction to Virtual environment
  • Installation of Django package from PyPI
  • Introduction to Django framework and its philosophy
  • Overview of manage.py API
  • Create a Django project. The project is blogging tool
  • Structure of settings.py file, various configurations of it.
  • Configure Database with Django project.
  • How to apply migrations.
  • Explanation of Django apps and Create Django apps
  • Structure of Django app. The purpose for model.py, view.py, urls.py.
  • Creating and applying Django migrations by

    $> python manage.py makemigrations

    $> python manage.py migrate

  • Running Django server

    $> python manage.py runserver

  • Creating a model for the blog.

    • Blog
      • author
      • title
      • slug
      • tags
      • body
      • publish_date
      • active
      • state: draft, published
  • Introduction to Django shell

    $> python manage.py shell Introduction to Django ORM. Create entries to blog model using Django shell. Demonstration of Django ORM's create, delete method. Creating a search using filter method. Deleting existing records with delete method. Introduction to Django templates Creating final view for displaying Blog posts Introduction to small Python regular expression and their use in URL definition of Django. Connecting Django views with the controller. Introduction to Django forms Create a form for Blog create and connecting Django form with a template. Introduction to Django admin panel for management. Q&A


  • Installation of Python in Any architecture
  • IDE for writing code in Python

Speaker Info:

A Full-stack developer by profession, A Computer scientist by heart, An Actor by gene. I am Speaker, Vimmer, Blogger and Organizer. Core member of PyKutch.

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Section: Web Development
Type: Workshops
Target Audience: Beginner
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Hi! Could you please add up slides to your workshop/talk?

Shivani Bhardwaj (~shivan1b)

Will try to add by tomorrow evening.

Jaysinh shukla (~jaysinh)

Could you please share video tutorial or demo of Django framework implementing? Actually I have to Write My Dissertation & I am looking for some information for new technology.


Hi, the talk video is available here https://youtu.be/jr6LWM7Yquk

Jaysinh shukla (~jaysinh)



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