Static Code Analysis with coala

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This talk features a short introduction on how to perform static code analysis on your project using just a single tool, coala.

The world of static code analysis offers myriad of tools having different target areas and different user-interfaces. coala provides a unified API for linting and fixing all your code, regardless of the programming languages you use with the primary objective to reduce redundancy in static code analysis. With coala you can even plug in your analysis routines, so instead of building new analysis tools from scratch you can now build logic only and let coala automatically deal with things like usability, caching, parallelization, configurations, etc.

The talk will cover steps to integrate coala quickly into any project and configure it to perform language independent as well as language dependent code analysis.

coala provides a unified command-line interface for linting and fixing all your code, regardless of the programming languages you use. With coala, users can create rules and standards to be followed in the source code. coala has an user-friendly interface that is completely customizable.

We’ll explore the different analysis routine coala currently provides like compliance to coding style standards, the structure of commits, invalid links detection, ASTs, etc. Finally, we'll have a quick demonstration of writing custom bears (analysis routines that also collect statistics and provide patches to fix the codes) in coala.


Basic programming knowledge

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A Freelance Software Developer and an Open Source enthusiast pursuing Software Engineering. Satwik has experience in Machine Learning and Web Development. In spare time, he loves to develop innovative projects or participate in Hackathons. And lastly, he Prefers all things Python!

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In contrary to most other solutions out there, coala unites a lot of features a static analyzer must have completely language independently and the possibility to automatically correct source code. Using coala takes a high burden from the developer of an analysis routine.custom essay It provides the advantage of being able to rapidly prototype code while being able to actually use it in production with no overhead, making the result well reusable for further research.


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