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With a non-stop increase in the demand of Analytics (Data Science) professionals, This session is to help a complete newbie kick off his/her career in Data Science (Analytics), who could ultimately help their organizations in making Data Driven Decisions.


This can be effectively comprehended by a Complete Beginner (even in Python).

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Slides to be posted soon.

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Abdul is part of a Telecom Giant's Data Science team with a good amount of International experience. He has learnt this unconventional way of on-boarding a complete newbie into Data Science with Python. His recent Lightning Talk in PyCon Pune made him realize his content and delivery could motivate and inspire beginners.

Section: Data Visualization and Analytics
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Beginner
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Hi @amrrs Could you please provide more information?

Anuvrat Parashar (~bhanuvrat)

Hi Anuvrat, Thanks for the response, If it's more information about the talks?

If so, It'll cover:

  1. A very brief introduction of Machine Learning Concepts (Supervised/Unsupervised that would include Regression/Classification/Clustering)
  2. Career path to become Data Scientist using Py: How to start with? What Math must be covered? What Stats must be covered? What Libraries must be learnt? Which MOOC is better? Where to get data to play with? How to showcase the projects?
  3. Few Examples and Industry Use-cases

If this needs to be converted to workshop, I could then take them through actual hands-on.


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