Multilingual resume ranking API based on NLP and contextual word embeddings

Manas Ranjan Kar (~manasRK)




How can we create a resume ranking engine based purely on job descriptions on job boards? Can I create recommendations purely based on the skillset & job role? How do I use natural language processing techniques to create valid recommendations of related skillsets? For example, how can I recommend “AngularJS” to an HTML developer who wants to prop up his CV? The other challenge lies in dealing with multilingualism - from English & Dutch job boards?

How do we account for the proper skillsets and build it in our ranking systems? The talk will answer these questions and showcase effectiveness of such a resume ranking engine.


The participants must be well versed with Python and have a basic understanding of natural language processing.

Content URLs:

Slides to be posted soon.

Since this was a commercial project for a Dutch client I worked for earlier, no codes would be shared.

Speaker Info:

Manas likes helping clients making sense of their data and build a powerful case for business change using analytics in their respective companies. He is currently heading the NLP team at Episource, a US healthcare company.

He has architected multiple commercial NLP solutions in the area of healthcare, foods & beverages, finance and retail. He is deeply involved in functionally architecting large scale business process automation & deep insights from structured & unstructured data using Natural Language Processing & Machine Learning. He has contributed to Gensim & ConceptNet as well.

To sum up his experience, he has worked on;

  • Application of machine learning to build text analytics solutions
  • Automate business processes for efficiency & productivity
  • Build algorithms for extracting multiple facets from text - gender of author, keywords, sentiment, taxonomies, concepts, entities
  • Combine and augment unstructured insights with structured data
  • Build recommendation engine for automated medical coding services
  • Build models to predict taxonomies for textual content
  • Create machine learning algorithms for topic detection & sentiments
  • Competitive intelligence algorithms to monitor events & trends for startups & SMEs

His detailed LinkedIn profile is . His Github profile is

Section: Data Visualization and Analytics
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Intermediate
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Hi! Could you please add up slides to your workshop/talk?

Shivani Bhardwaj (~shivan1b)

Sure. Will do in a day or so.

Manas Ranjan Kar (~manasRK)

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Hameed Ansari (~hameed)

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