Mocking in Python, when and how to use

Saurabh Kumar (~theskumar)




Outline of the talk:

  • Introduction to mocking library
  • Difference between mock and stubs
  • How to use mock in different scenarios
  • when and where to use
  • Conclusion


  • Basic understanding of Python Programming Language
  • Familiarity with Testing in Python

Speaker Info:

Section: Testing
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Beginner
Last Updated:


Aniket Maithani (~aniket)

Looking forward for it. :D

Harshul jain (~harshul1610)

That procedure has quite recently significantly backed off our tests. It is unmistakably not a smart thought to call the whole strategy similar to each time we run tests. This is where we can use mocking to speed up our tests and purchase assignment online keep away from an undesired impact in the meantime.


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