Metaprogramming in Python

Rajat Goyal (~rajat404)




A introduction to Metaprogramming (in Python3). This talk will cover Decorators & Metaclasses, along with their possible use cases.


  • What is metaprogramming
  • Why use metaprogramming
  • Closures
  • Decorators
  • Using Decorators in everyday programming - for logging, debugging, validation etc
  • Classes & Types
  • Class Decorators
  • Metaclasses
  • Metaprogramming Best Practices


  • Basic knowledge of functions & classes in Python
  • Familiarity with Python 3 syntax

Speaker Info:

I'm a Backend Developer, earning my living primarily via Python. My universal online handle is rajat404

Section: Core Python
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Intermediate
Last Updated:

Yes! That would be brilliant!

Jatin Kaushal (~jatin)

Hi! The selection process will begin by 4th, It'll increase your chances if you add slides as soon as possible. Also, more description will be helpful to understand the talk and increased votes.

Shashank Kumar (~realslimshanky)

Sorry for the confusion. The selection process will be done by 4th. Hurry !

Shashank Kumar (~realslimshanky)

如何管理技能是最重要的,如果你正在学习编程,那么做更多的工作。该 将帮助你解决这个问题。


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