Building Chatbots with Python/Django

Dorai Thodla (~doraithodla)




Conversational interfaces are considered to be the future of UI. Voicebots, text based chatbots are increasingly becoming popular. In this workshop, we will help participants build a chatbot using some of the popular AI engines like, We will also describe how natural language processing, machine learning play a role the working of chatbots.


Must have reasonable familiarity with Python (ability to read and understand the code, follow along and build a chatbot) High level knowledge of using APIs, building a python server app using a web framework like Flask or Django will be useful.

Speaker Info:

Dorai Thodla - Designs and builds skillbots (chatbots for skill development and assessement), conducts Chatbot workshops, Bot Sprints and other events Bhavani Ravi - A developer of Interview Bot and helps Dorai in conductig chatbot workshops and Bot Sprints.

Speaker Links: @dorait, @onchatbots @geeky_bhavani

Section: Others
Type: Workshops
Target Audience: Intermediate
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Sorry for the confusion. The selection process will be done by 4th. Hurry !

Shashank Kumar (~realslimshanky)

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