Asynchronous/Event Based Programming in Python using Twisted





This talk is to give an overview of the Programming Models and how Asynchronous Programming is different from the rest of them. This would focus on how Twisted can be used for Asynchronous Programming.


  • Programming Models (Single threaded, Multi threaded & Asynchronous)
  • Why Asynchronous programming?
  • When is Asynchronous programming an Ideal choice?
  • Twisted framework for Asynchronous programming
  • Deferred, Callbacks & Errorbacks, Inline Callbacks
  • Handling Asynchronous or Synchronous results in twisted
  • Scheduling tasks for future
  • Generating your own deferred
  • Using threads in Twisted


Familiarity with python language.

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Will be sharing soon.

Speaker Info:

Priyanka Ambekar is a Python enthusiast currently working as a Software Application developer at Seagate Technologies. She has experience into Storage management framework development using Python. Previously she has worked in Cloud Automation development to provide Infrastructure as a service for Enterprise level Servers.

Section: Concurrency
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Beginner
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Hi! Could you please add up slides to your talk/workshop?

Shivani Bhardwaj (~shivan1b)

Hi! The selection process will begin by 4th, It'll increase your chances if you add slides as soon as possible.

Shashank Kumar (~realslimshanky)

Sorry for the confusion. The selection process will be done by 4th. Hurry !

Shashank Kumar (~realslimshanky)

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