The magical world of Python's mock library

Farid Rener (~proteusvacuum)




Python's mock library can look really intimidating to beginners. But once you have wrapped your head around its power, you will be mocking, stubbing, and spying on your objects in your unit tests like a champ.

This workshop will cover the basic usages of Python's mock library while testing your code, and outline the places you might want to use it, and the places where you most certainly don't.


  • Know how to write and run unit tests
  • No prior knowledge of mocks required, but come with some curiosity!
  • Bonus points if you read the docs before arriving

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Farid works as an engineer at Dimagi, a social enterprise that builds tools for frontline health workers.

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Section: Testing
Type: Workshops
Target Audience: Beginner
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I love mock too. Could you please add reference to the kind of content you shall be talking about.

Amit Singh Sethi (~dusual)

Can we have some links to your slides or a general structure, some thing that can be used to be put on the projector so audience can follow along.

Please upload the slides/structure so they can be reviewed before 12th feb.

Have you given any talks(including this one) before? Any experience of public speaking? It's not a requirement for doing the talk but would definitely help us gauge the experience level. We suggest going through the presentation least once in front of a small audience to get some experience if you have not already.

Akshay Arora (~akshayaurora)

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