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The ANSIBLE script can be written in many of the ways, the whole script can be written and implemented using just one playbook file . A ROLE helps us focus on the big picture rather than implementing each time some piece of boilerplate code like typing dependencies and other information that remain same for same type of projects . The talk would include : Making tasks written in playbook sort of plugins that can be reused . I would try to write the Ansible script using handlers and var files which make the playbook sort of generic . Breaking task file into small piece of reusable code .


YAML syntax, Knowledge of some Package Managers, Debugging skills, Knowledge of tools like VAGRANT would be great .

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Urls to updated soon .....

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I am a web and mobile application developer. I have worked at DJANGO framework and had been an intern at LOGICAKE, a startup at AMITY INCUBATOR. I am an open source enthusiast and am interested in developing Wen and Android Apps.

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Would be great if you could add the content to this talk. Also in terms of section wouldn't Infrastructure be a more accurate description.

Amit Singh Sethi (~dusual)

Can we have some links to your slides or a general structure, some thing that can be used to be put on the projector so audience can follow along.

Please upload the slides/structure so they can be reviewed before 12th feb.

Have you given any talks(including this one) before? Any experience of public speaking? It's not a requirement for doing the talk but would definitely help us gauge the experience level. We suggest going through the presentation least once in front of a small audience to get some experience if you have not already.

Akshay Arora (~akshayaurora)

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