Functional Testing of Mobile Applications using Appium and Python

Abhinandan Kothari (~abhinandankothari)




The world has taken a plunge to mobile, and we as Pythonist have been using cool products like Kivy to build applications both for Android and iOS using nothing more but Python. Challenge often is to streamline the process of functional testing by eliminating practices like maintaining separate targets for testing and production, learning the framework's native language and combating challenges such as inextensible support for hybrid and mobile-web apps, absence of the record and playback feature and small community.

In this talk, we will bring forth an analysis of various mobile functional testing frameworks available in the market today and will discuss about why Appium is best suited for Python developers in comparison to the others. We will also discuss about Appium's basic architecture, similarity to selenium, extensibility to other programming languages, support for various device actions and backward compatibility. Over the course of the talk, we will describe the process of integrating appium with the CI build pipeline and generating reports, by giving a demo of using Appium and Python to easily write functional tests. By implementing the practices described in this talk, listeners will be able to speed up their functional test suite, migrate the same code to different devices with minimal changes, and extend their test suite to the language of their choice.


  • Basics of Python
  • Fundaments/hands-on of Android/iOS is a plus
  • Basic idea of Jenkins/CI pipeline is a plus

Speaker Info:

I am Abhinandan and I work at Codeignition as a full stack developer and my co-presenter Chirag work at C42 Engineering as Developer. We work for a large scale mobile-first transportation startup with a multi platform mobile app having 10 Million Play Store and App Store downloads, and a scale of millions of user bookings per day. Functional Testing is very important for us especially being mobile first startup. With an extensive functional test suite, we validate the app features of both the Android and the iOS apps for our clients hence eliminating any unexpected behaviour in production or loss of any kind.

Section: Testing
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Beginner
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Can we have some links to your slides or a general structure, some thing that can be used to be put on the projector so audience can follow along.

Please upload the slides/structure so they can be reviewed before 12th feb.

Have you given any talks(including this one) before? Any experience of public speaking? It's not a requirement for doing the talk but would definitely help us gauge the experience level. We suggest going through the presentation least once in front of a small audience to get some experience if you have not already.

Akshay Arora (~akshayaurora)

Hi Akshay,

Find Link to my previous talk in DeccanrubyConf 2015.

Also i have updated the link to draft slides.

Let me know if you have any more questions and concerns.

Abhinandan Kothari (~abhinandankothari)

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