Extending Zulip for Inhouse Chat-With-Customer tool

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Zulip is an open-source web based Group Chat application for team based internal communications. This Talk is about how we extended the platform to enable Chat-with-customer feature which could be easily plugged into any site. The Sales/Support team using default Zulip interface can help out visitors also who need some assistance.

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I work at TaxSpanner.com as a python developer.

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Previous work/engagements are listed here: http://baali.muse-amuse.in/stories/about.html

Section: Web Development
Type: Talks
Target Audience: Intermediate
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Can we have some links to your slides or a general structure, some thing that can be used to be put on the projector so audience can follow along.

Please upload the slides/structure so they can be reviewed before 12th feb.

Have you given any talks(including this one) before? Any experience of public speaking? It's not a requirement for doing the talk but would definitely help us gauge the experience level. We suggest going through the presentation least once in front of a small audience to get some experience if you have not already.

Akshay Arora (~akshayaurora)

Sure, there is a scheduled meetup on 19th of this month we can give this a shot at that time.

baali (~baali)

Sure, that's a good idea.

Akshay Arora (~akshayaurora)

This talk is about using Zulip to enable a feature to "Chat with your customer" for your web-application. We are going to look at existing third party apps, their solutions and problems. Finally we will introduce and demo how we have used zulip to get together a better solution.

Slides I am going to use is available at: http://muse-amuse.in/~baali/talk.html I will keep updating it as I get more comments and add more content to it.

baali (~baali)

Is this in some way related to brython. Would love to know more about the frontend framework. Can you please add more details and/or slides to this

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